Company Profile

Since it was establishedin 1989 as a commercial agency for foreign companies, and after years of expansive growth and acquiring new markets, Termag has evolved into the leading company on the non-ferrous metals market.

Our customer-oriented strategies and our focus on meeting customer wishes and requirements have lead us to expand our initial activities to include new programs in the field of ferrous metals, roofing and roof drainage, metal sheets for roofing and ventilation,HVAC, plumbing, ceramic tiles and bathroom fittings and furniture, as well as job-safety gear.

By opening our sales centres in Rijeka (Kastav and Matulji), Zagreb, Split and Pula, we have strengthened our market position, and our excellent performance serves as an incentive to continuous investing in the company's development.

Termag today

Termag is a company that employs 100 employees and has 35 000 m2 of production, warehousing, sale and office spaces at 7 locations.

In TERMAG every customer has a special place and can always count on a complete and superior service, from the offers and orders to distribution and all necessary logistics.

Company Structure

The company consists of 6 different divisions. The activity of the company is shown through the activities of individual division, more precisely through their product range, including:

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is to be the company that sets new standards of excellence with its innovation in all areas of its operations, seeking new opportunities on the market and our surroundings for the benefit of our customers, employees, owners and society as a whole.

Our mission is to base our growth and competitiveness on listening to the needs of the market as well as active participation in raising quality standards in the production and distribution of products from our activities.

Our team

Our team spirit is reflected in the excellent results in sailing which Termag crew manned by our staff achieved on Termag sailboats.

Community and Environment

Our relation with the community is achieved through donations and sponsorships that support organizations and projects aimed at environmental protection, preservation of cultural heritage, education and energy efficiency.

Official Company Data

                                                                      Company name: Termag Ltd.

                                                                      Address: Kvarnerska cesta 35

                                                                      Post office and place: 51211 Matulji

                                                                      Registration number: 040049266

                                                                      IBAN: HR6524020061100074306


Termag divisions

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